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Interested in selling your book at our store?

Please read this before contacting us:


Consignment terms:

Most of the books we carry by local authors are sold in the store on a consignment basis. Due to limited space we will only be able to accommodate a maximum of 4 of your titles - 3 copies of each book. There is no fee to place your book in the store but you  must agree to the following:


  • Fenton's Open Book will carry  your book for an initial term of 4 months.

  • Compensation is a 60/40 split on your cover price. That is, for every book sold you get 60% of the price.

  • We pay consignment checks quarterly - usually in February, May, August, and November. You can check on your sales/inventory any time the store is open by calling the store number 810-629-8000.

  • It is your responsibility to update inventory as desired.

  • If no sales are made during the initial 4-month period, or any consecutive 6-month period, you will be notified to pick up your unsold books, send a shipping label for their return, or direct us to donate them. Any books not picked up within 30 days of notification become property of Fenton's Open Book and we will donate them to a local agency.

  • Fenton's Open Book is not responsible for loss or damage to your property. 

  • When you place your books on consignment at Fenton's Open Book, we will have you sign a contract.


Fenton's Open Book Promotion:

We will make every effort to front-face your book on the shelf and indicate that it is written by a local author. Periodically throughout the year, the store has book signing events. You can indicate your interest if you wish to participate in one of these. If you participate:

  • Fenton's Open Book will handle all sales. No money will be collected by the author.

  • At the conclusion of the book signing we will inform you of how many books were sold during the event so there is no discrepancy on quantity sold.

  • You will receive payment within 30 days of the event. It can be mailed, or you may pick it up at the store.

Want to be sure your book is up to industry standards? Check out our partner Dartfrog Books

Dartfrog books are the best in self-published literature. They evaluate, select and distribute only those that meet the highest standards. Once selected, they promote your books at trade shows and through their distribution system, offer low-cost on-demand printing, and market extensively for you. 

If your book does not pass their evaluation, they will let you know what needs to be changed or improved, and allow you to re-submit your book one more time at no additional charge. Let the professionals help you make your book all it can be. Visit them at for details. Be sure to indicate Fenton's Open Book as your referral.

Author Tips of Promoting your Book:

It is very important FOR YOU to get the word out about your book and/or signing.

  • Let people know your book is for sale at Fenton's Open Book. If you are featured in any local media you must state that your book is for sale at the store.

  • Utilize your computer! Get your book information out there via email, twitter, and other social media. (Remember to link to Fenton's Open Book Facebook Page)

  • If you book is available from Ingram, consider using for online sales instead of Amazon.

  • If you participate in a book signing, tell everyone you know and ask them to tell others. An author surrounded by happy, interested people draws prospective readers. There is nothing sadder than having an author sit behind a table waiting for someone to request an autograph, and no one comes in to notice the book they have written

  • Have friends and family come to your signing.


Consider branching out by notifiying:

  • Your high school/college alumni associations. They might announce your book/signing in their newsletter.

  • A place of worship so they can put information into their bulletins.

  • If you are a member of a fraternal organization like Lions or Rotary tell them about your book/signing.

  • Think of any other groups to which you belong to help get the word out - your writer's group, softball team, etc.


Thank you for your interest in placing your book at Fenton's Open Book! We wish you the very best in your writing career!

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